Crossing Over

What is Crossing Over?

Crossing over is the natural process that occurs when we die.

We fully leave this world and journey to a deeper, familiar source of our own unique energy. We become one again with our higher selves.

From that vantage point we see the life we have just left as a role that we were playing, and the worries and concerns of our human lives are seen for what they are, great learning experiences and temporary illusions.

And when Crossing Over doesn't happen?

There are times when a person does not cross over. This could be due to any number of reasons. For example:

  • fear of the unknown
  • uncertainty as to the benefit in crossing over
  • fear of judgement either from earthly acts or from dogmatic religious teachings
  • disorientation due to the experience differing from what they had expected
  • simple shock from the manner of death
  • the wish to stay to help someone who they have left behind

This list is a generalisation, and far from exhaustive. The reasons someone has not crossed certainly might fall into one of the categories listed above but the reasons are always related to that person's set of belief systems and therefore unique and very personal.

How does someone cross over in this situation?

A misunderstanding prevents someone from crossing over. In one way or another they are hanging onto something of this world and it is obviously difficult for them to see the deeper truth beneath this misunderstanding.

But there are people living on earth who have the ability to directly help, and these people can be considered healers of spirit.

I am one of those people. I have the ability to show uncrossed people the 'Light', to connect them to the experience of having crossed, and to heal them of the negative belief systems that keep them earth-bound. In recent television parlance, that makes me a Ghost Whisperer, although I dislike and rarely use the term 'ghost'.

How does it work?

First, I am able to find out if someone has crossed over or not. There are two questions that I need to find the answer to: Has this person crossed over? and, if not, Can I help them to cross over?

If I can help them cross over, then I certainly will. In a crossing over session, I sit quietly and offer a specific energy which I here call the Bridge of Light. In some cases, this is all I need to do. The person will cross on the wings of that energy alone. In other cases I need to find out the specific belief systems which prevent them from crossing. To be heard and acknowledged is often all that they need. Some simply need to be reassured that whatever they are going through is OK.

Some people cross over quite easily — they only need a little energetic push — whereas others take a lot more work and time. During the process, I might see images or feel feelings that seem somewhat unusual to my normal experience. At those times I need to remind myself that the images and feelings are not my own but have been presented to me for a reason, and that reason is always a working through of specific beliefs. The person who needs to be crossed has to work through these feelings and by showing them the 'Light', along with the constant Bridge of Light energy, the rest happens somewhat naturally.

I might receive a great deal of information about the person I am crossing, or very little. Rarely do I receive any information about the person's loved ones. In that way I don't 'speak to the dead' in the commonly known sense. There are many other mediums who have that specific gift.


Sometimes I get wonderful confirmation from the people I have crossed. For example, for days afterwards one actress I had crossed over waved and smiled and said "Hi" and "Thank you" to me in such a light and free way. After I helped an African woman to cross over, she sent me a blessing — it was so beautiful that for months afterwards, whenever I thought of her, I would actually well up with tears. Such a beautiful presence. I have also seen people who were very retracted and stubbornly resistant in their uncrossed state become light and free again as they cross. In most instances, once the person has crossed over I get very little back. Sometimes a wave as they go. One memorable exception: a young girl I crossed over showed me a warm vision for my own future. I'm still waiting to see if it comes true.

What happens afterwards

I know when someone has crossed. As described above, I do sometimes get some post-crossing communication. This usually fades very quickly and then I get nothing at all.

For me the most important information is when I know that the person has truly crossed. At that moment, no matter what further communication I might receive from them, I am happy that I have properly done my job.

What people
are saying:

"Bridge of Light helped her to cross over, reporting afterwards that she is finally released and joyful. I am happy for her, and happy for us too."

"As a parent, and being particularly sensitive myself, I feel reassured because of the deeper understanding I now have of these experiences and the knowledge that there is someone who can assist me."