Frequently Asked Questions

Do you speak any other languages besides English?

No, unfortunately. However I don't need to speak the deceased person's language to cross them over. The only possible communication barrier is with the person booking the service.

Can you give me a message from a relative who has passed?

I don't offer the service of "speaking to the dead", as it is sometimes known. My purpose is in crossing people over. But there are many people who specialise in that kind of communication.

You are in Australia and the person died on the other side of the world. Can you still help?

Yes I certainly can. I have crossed over people from all over the world including USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

Does it matter what religion I am?

No. I have crossed over people from various religions and I have great respect for anyone's spiritual and religious belief, even if I don't follow that belief myself. The fact that I have helped someone to cross has no bearing on what happens once they have crossed. However, if you are uncomfortable about this, please consider very carefully if you would like to go ahead as I do not change my process to accommodate religious beliefs.

I am younger than 18. Can I use your services?

No, unfortunately. You must be 18 or over to book a service with Bridge of Light.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment I only take payment through PayPal.

Crossing Over Services
Can I get you to find out if someone I know has crossed over or not?

Absolutely! It must be a relative, friend, or associate.

Is it possible to find out if someone famous has crossed over?

No. In the case of the Crossing Over service, you need to be a relative, friend, or associate.

Do you ever tell people about who you have crossed?

I do not discuss details of who I have crossed as it would be possibly confronting to that person's living family and friends.

How do I know if you have crossed someone over?

Unfortunately there is little evidential proof I can give you. Sometimes people do get a feeling that a crossing over has taken place but this is by no means guaranteed. All I can do is to suggest you read the testimonials, each of which were given by real people from real experiences with Bridge of Light. Hopefully the information on the website will demonstrate that I'm both serious and very respectful of this process.

Aren't you afraid that God will judge you for doing this work?

No, I do not believe in a god that judges in that manner. The work that I do mostly ends on a peaceful and beautiful note. I am providing healing of a spiritual nature to help people progress through the very first part of their after-life journey.

Can you do group crossings?

In certain instances I have directed the Bridge of Light energy to a group of people who might have died together — for example, in a natural disaster. Those that can use the energy will then do so. However, this does differ from the individual crossings I perform.

House Clearing
Do you need to visit my house to do a house clearing?

No. So far I have done all my house clearings remotely from my apartment here in Sydney, Australia.

Won't you make the matter worse by making the 'ghosts' angry?

In my experience this has never been the case. In fact, quite the contrary! Some of the most beautiful crossings I have done have been with initially resistant and angry spirits.

Are there some ghosts or entities you cannot move on?

Yes. There are rare times when there is the spirit of a person present in a house but I receive the clear message that either I am not meant to cross them or simply that I should not. I receive this information before I do the crossing session. However if I proceed to the crossing stage, I have a 100% success rate.

After you have cleared a house, will the ghosts come back?

Once somebody has transitioned, they cannot 'come back'. It is impossible. However, that does not prevent others from residing in that space again.

Do we need to do anything in particular while you do the transition/house clearing?

No. Should I require anything, I will always let you know.

My children are scared of these presences. Will this help them?

Children can be very sensitive to these presences, often moreso than adults. If your children's fear is being caused by the presences, then yes, this will help them in some way. Their fears might not immediately subside but in a short time you should see some improvement. On the Testimonials page a mother relates her child's experience with this.

If your question has not been answered, please don't hesitate to contact me. I might be able to help. Please be aware, however, that I will generally answer questions only to do with a specific experience related to a person might not have transitioned. I do not usually have time to answer questions of a general spiritual nature nor those related to your own spiritual journey.