House Clearing

What is a House Clearing?

A person who has not crossed over can attach themselves to a particular physical space.

The energy they wield can have a specific effect on that space, ranging from a mild unease to full blown effects such as doors slamming and attempted physical harm to people who live or work there. On the other hand, there might be no real physical effect, just a sense from those inhabiting the space that someone is looking on.

These entities are popularly known as 'ghosts', although I don't like to use that term myself — the word has too many connotations. To me they are people, albeit in spirit form. There might be more than one of these in a particular space. They might have been there long before you moved in. It might be the spirit of a person you know who has passed away in the years gone by.

Bridge of Light can often help these people in spirit form to cross over. It is not an exorcism or anything of that nature. A house clearing simply releases these people from attachment to a particular space.

What is the result?

The effect after a house clearing can be subtle or it can be quite profound. A lightening of the space, a sense of release, a more kindly and welcoming atmosphere. And no longer the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder.

If you suspect that there is something unusual happening in a particular space but can't put your finger on it then perhaps Bridge of Light can help. I can most often identify what is happening and tell you whether or not the 'person' can be crossed over. Then it is up to you to tell me whether you want me to proceed.

I do not need to travel to the space in question to do the clearing. I can do it remotely. In fact, I prefer to do it remotely.

What people
are saying:

"I clearly remember the energy of the whole house changing and becoming warmer. This experience has changed my life and allowed me to feel safe and more relaxed within my own home."

"I have been ashamed of being scared in my own home for years. Even as a child I experienced nightmares while awake. Being a grown man and still wanting to turn on a light when you go to sleep was something that felt so wrong."

"Our home is now a haven."