Price List

Basic Service


Crossing Over service


House Clearing service


How Is Payment Made?

Depending on the service (above), an email is sent with either a set payment amount or a Donation button. These link through to a PayPay page where you can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account (if you have one).

*Double Payment?

The AU$20 for a Basic Service is only payable when no further service is necessary or chosen.


All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars. At time of payment, PayPal will automatically make the conversion to your currency so you will know exaclty what it is.

Other Payment Options

The main payment option is through PayPal. Bank transfer is also available. If you would prefer to pay by another method, please contact Bridge of Light.


If you have any questions about pricing or payment, please don't hesitate to email Bridge of Light.

What people
are saying:

"My son was immediately able to sleep, no longer afraid and quickly relaxed and began talking and playing again like a normal little boy. To my surprise, the next day my he told me 'the bad fairies have gone, and left yesterday'!"