Not sure where to begin?

That's where the Basic Service comes in. It's the first stage of all services and through you will find out:

  • if someone has crossed over
  • if there is someone around you that can be crossed
  • if there is a presence in your house or business space that can be crossed
  • generally what is happening in a confusing situation of this type

To begin this process simply go to the Bookings page and fill out the form.

Crossing Over/House Clearing Services

If, in the Basic Service, I find that there is someone to be crossed over, then you can request that I carry out the specific service for you.


  • The conditions have to be right which is often within a couple of days but in some instances it can take a week or so
  • Timing also depends on how many services I need to perform
  • If the process is delayed for longer than a few days then I'll keep you posted on the progress
  • Note that with a House Clearing, the specific conditions can be quite varied — this can sometimes affect timing but I'll keep you posted.

After the service is completed, I'll let you know if the process was successful and any impressions that I might have received.


Payment is by donation. I'll send you an email with a Donation button which links to PayPal. You can then pay me what you feel the service is worth to you. If you would like a guideline on what people generally pay for this service then please email me here and I'll let you know.

To begin a Crossing Over or House Clearing Service simply go to the Bookings page and fill out the form.

What people
are saying:

"This experience has changed my life and allowed me to feel safe and more relaxed within my own home."

"On contacting John, he explained to me that this was not me being a 'scaredy cat' and explained to me what can happen when spirits can't cross over. This answered so many questions for me and made me understand that for all these years I wasn't just a scared person but was aware of things that perhaps others weren't."

"Thank you John for your gentle kind heart and your sensitivity in explaining what is a mystery and often misunderstood by most people."