Clearing Services

Hi, my name is John and I have the unique ability to cross people over and clear the physical space they once inhabited. If you are experiencing what you think are the effects of a ghost or spirit energy then I might just be the person you are looking for.

When we die it is natural that we cross into the light. In some rare instances, for a variety of reasons, a person dies but does not transition. Caught between worlds, these people are usually benign in intent but there can be rare instances where they manifest physical effects and events that living humans can sense. These effects can be anything from an atmosphere of slight suppression to intense physical manifestations such as doors slamming or the feeling of being touched.

These people need help to cross over. That's where I come in.

Over the past 15 years I have crossed over 2,000 individuals to the light, either individually or in groups, from all parts of the globe: North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and here in Australia.

After the person transitions, any physical manifestations they might have caused naturally cease to occur. As you can imagine, my work provides not only a healing for the people who need to cross but very often a distinct relief for those who remain.

I cannot help in every situation but once I identify that I can help someone, my success rate is 100%.

What spaces can I help in?

The space in which the manifestations occur makes no difference to me. It could be in your home or office or perhaps you are the owner or manager of a 5-star hotel in which one room seems to be haunted. No matter the space, the same principles always apply. For me, the main consideration is the intensity of the belief system and emotional resistance that is keeping the person stuck.

What is the process?

Once you have described your situation to me, the first step is for me to go in and find the answer to two questions:

  Is there someone there that needs to be crossed?
  Can I help?

If the answer to both questions is YES, I will schedule a crossing session. Once the crossing has occurred, I let you know of any information I picked up during the session. Please be aware that any information I receive is a bonus – in all cases, my emphasis is always on the crossing itself.

How are the crossing sessions conducted?

Being caught between worlds is neither a natural nor desirable state for anyone to find themselves in. That's why I consider myself to be a healer. I don't sacrifice chickens, rattle beads or anything of that nature. I don't even burn incense. I sit with my eyes closed and perform the session not dissimilar to one of my energy healing sessions. With my natural healing ability I am able to provide the energy they need to cross. Underlying all my sessions is a specific crossing energy that I channel. In most cases the person will hold a specific belief system that prevent them from transitioning. Through my healing techniques I am able to help the person to release these beliefs and to show them the natural path, the bridge of light, that will take them where they need to be.

What separates you from other people who do this work?

Firstly, I approach the work not as a medium or a psychic but as a healer. Secondly, I am heavily protected in that I rarely get affected by the energies of those I cross. I suspect that for this reason I don't directly see the people I am crossing or necessarily even sense their presence around me. But I am able to access their belief systems and emotional states and to find out answers to questions I ask through the inner senses of clairsentience (knowing) and clairaudience (hearing). Many other psychics and mediums who do this work are often assailed by these people and their energies. They often do great and inspiring work. But the energies are often difficult for them to work with and the deceased person's belief systems are not necessarily available. For some reason I am psychically and spiritually built to do this work.

Once they transition do these people contact you?

During a session I do not have contact with them in terms of direct communication. Once a person has crossed I generally lose all contact with them, mostly very quickly. Occasionally I will receive a kind of message from them such as the American actress who continued to wave and say hi to me in the most beautiful way for a few days after her transition, or the African woman, very well known in her nation at the time, who gave me a spiritual blessing upon crossing, one of the most moving moments I have ever experienced.

How much does it cost?

For private clients (house or apartment only) a crossing is US$250. For corporates and organisations with affected spaces such as offices, hotels, function centres, hospitals and church halls, the price is on application.

Contact Bridge Of Light

If you are experiencing strange and unsettling phenonema in your home, organisation or business, or suspect that a loved one has not crossed then please send me details of your situation.