A House Clearing

"Our home saw so many arguments, so much turmoil over the years, but recently a visitor said 'it feels so peaceful here' and I know the reason.

30 years ago, soon after our wedding, a close relative of my husband died. She had predicted that our marriage would not last very long and from the moment we moved into our house as newlyweds she seemed ever present, forcing her will on us.

John from Bridge of Light confirmed this was the case and helped her to cross over, reporting afterwards that she is finally released and joyful. I am happy for her, and happy for us too. Our home is now a haven."

AR | Sydney, Australia


"I have been ashamed of being scared in my own home for years. Even as a child I experienced nightmares while awake. Being a grown man and still wanting to turn on a light when you go to sleep was something that felt so wrong.

In my home, which I share with my wife and young child, I started to see ghosts again and I felt scared. When day became night I became fearful again of what I was seeing.

On contacting John, he explained to me that this was not me being a 'scaredy cat' and explained to me what can happen when spirits can't cross over. This answered so many questions for me and made me understand that for all these years I wasn't just a scared person but was aware of things that perhaps others weren't.

On the night he helped cross over this one spirit I clearly remember the energy of the whole house changing and becoming warmer. This experience has changed my life and allowed me to feel safe and more relaxed within my own home."

LSR | Sydney, Australia

A Child's Experience

"I have a five year old son who is particularly sensitive and who attracts entities described by my son as 'ghosts' or 'bad fairies'. Over the period of a year my son had become generally afraid, quieter, always felt unwell, no longer wanted to enter our house, be alone or sleep at night.

I did not tell my son I was seeking help with this unusual situation, and was referred to John who assisted me by crossing these 'ghosts'. My son was immediately able to sleep, no longer afraid and quickly relaxed and began talking and playing again like a normal little boy. To my surprise, the next day my he told me 'the bad fairies have gone... they left yesterday'!

I have also consulted John to have my father crossed over. John also later told me that a best friend of mine who had died 11 years ago had already crossed and was happy.

As a parent, and being particularly sensitive myself, I feel reassured because of the deeper understanding I now have of these experiences and the knowledge that there is someone who can assist me. I am also pleased to know that after this life our loved ones are safe and happy in their own healing and self-evolution.

Thank you John for your gentle kind heart and your sensitivity in explaining what is a mystery and often misunderstood by most people.

In deep appreciation and gratitude."

Kylie | Sydney, Australia